The Team

Toby Irwin

Writer and Chief Editor.

Toby is a final year student at the University of St Andrews. He is studying International Relations. Areas that interest him the most are UK defence strategy and foreign policy.

Issy Williams


Issy is a MA student at SOAS University of London. She is studying Near and Middle Eastern Studies with Intensive Arabic. Areas that interest her the most are contemporary power politics in Russia and the Middle East.

Jack Margetson


Jack is a second year student at the University of St Andrews. He is studying Modern History. Areas that interest him the most are UK domestic politics and the rise of China.

With thanks to the many additional contributors who have submitted articles to the site:

Celine Louis, Ed Cullinane, Dylan Springer, Ellie Chesshire, Fran Carrol, Harriet Ireland, Kristopher Leask, Olivia Wiggins, Madeleine Murphy, Olivia Mair, Rocco H, Nick Ng, Rosie Richards, Savannah Fishel, Shannon Rayner, Taras Trunov, Teresa Trallori, Tom Leijnse. 

(updated 24/12/2020).

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